New stuff on the blog here

I just wanted to draw your attention to a couple things here at Regi Create.  First of all, you have likely noticed the new look around here.  I was extremely privileged to try out the new design your own blog design tool over at Sour Apple Studio.  It was super fun, easy, and I'm really happy with my new look.  If you've been wanting a new custom design but you don't want to spend a fortune, go on over and check it out!  

Also, there are new tabs at the top. There are still more to come, but so far I wanted you to check out the Adoption tab and the Causes tab. Here you'll find the latest info on where we are in the adoption process, what fundraisers are live at the moment, and other amazing causes that we support.

I hope you are all blessed today and everyday!  I'm so thankful for my beautiful readers.  You are all special, unique and cherished by the Lord.  Thank you for traveling through this journey with me.  


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