Facebook Fritz

I've decided I'm going to step back from Facebook. I've wanted to give it up for some time now, but I haven't done so because I know there are family members who enjoy keeping up with our family on there.  I've decided to go back to using this blog to keep anyone interested in following along with us updated on the happenings of our lives.
Facebook has become a place where I find myself discouraged after scrolling through the news feed. People aren't neighborly.....  they're argumentative and judgmental. It hurts my heart to see the interactions on there so often. This doesn't seem to happen on Instagram so much. It's probably because Instagram limits the interactions to be about the "real" things people post rather than the abundance of media that gets shared via Facebook. So, in the interest of maintaining mental and spiritual health, I'm going to take a needed break. I want to focus on face to face relationships rather than Facebook facades and endless over sharing. I'll be updating this blog weekly and my Instagram will remain, but my time spent on Facebook will taper off in the next couple weeks. I'm working on a simpler and more minimalistic routine and eliminating things that don't add quality or value to my life are the first things for me to let go of.  Bookmark our little blog here, cuz I still have plenty to offer and share, and I promise to share more of the things that matter, and less of things that don't.

This post stated it well in my opinion.  



The Bokeh of life.

Those that know me in person know that I have a few passions in my life.  People are one of them.  I love my family.  My husband.  My kids.  My parents and extended family......  I love them all.  I also love the Lord and the privilege to be involved in ministry.  The joy I get from serving Him by serving His people is immeasurable.   I love life.  Especially new life.  Birth and Babies are hugely special to me.  It's creation in it's fullest and most beautiful glory.  And I enjoy this passion through photography.  To take moments that change a life and freeze them in time to be enjoyed over and over is such an amazing privilege.  I do not take for granted the ability to observe and document life's greatest miracles.  I absolutely love what I do.  Who wouldn't enjoy these perfect little subjects?

The Lord so often uses these things to teach me about Himself.  He knows I'm a visual learner... He made me that way!  And He, like any great teacher, uses my learning style to reach me with His lessons.  And I'm learning some big ones right now.  

I'm going to be very honest right now.  Things have been hard lately.  I want to share what the Lord is teaching me through our current season of trial, in hopes that it may encourage someone else who may be dealing with difficulty right now.  

We felt the Lord's call to move northward in July.  We listed our house in October and it just didn't sell.  For a while.  It finally sold in February.  Keeping a house show ready with a husband who works full time and schools the rest of the time, while homeschooling two kids and caring for one toddler, while serving in ministry at our church..... it was a lot to deal with.  And it wore on my nerves.  I was tired all the time.  I was frustrated a lot of the time.  I was let down each time it was looked at and not offered on.  I was discouraged.  During this time, I also discovered I was pregnant.  (Thus explaining some of the mood swings)  As the weeks pressed on, we were feeling pretty excited.  The kids created the nickname "Puffin" for the baby because "it was making Mommy puffy."  Things progressed normally for a while.  I had some spotting while away from home around 12-13 weeks along, but remained hopeful that things were ok.  My body popped early as this was my fourth baby and I was already looking pregnant, so we assumed a miscarriage at this point would be much more intense than some spotting.  But in the back of my mind I worried.  And sure enough, several days later, I found myself in labor.  After a full day in the ER, the doctor confirmed what we feared.  Our baby had passed away.  I was sent home to wait it out.  After a long and painful labor, our baby was delivered in our home.  So beautifully formed at 12 weeks gestation.  The humanity of the unborn baby is undeniable.  I chose to save the memory in my heart and mind rather than in a photo.  Unusual for someone who is a photographer, I didn't take any pictures.  I knew that what I was seeing was the shell of a person who was with Jesus, and also knew that if I had a picture, I would dwell again and again on that which had passed away and not on the wholeness that which was the truth in Heaven.  {This was purely a personal decision and each person makes their own in the moment.  There is no right or wrong way to process.  There is only what is right for you.  In my work, I've photographed still babies.  There is incredible value in having those photos and I've been blessed to provide them at times.  But for me... for my heart... I knew it wouldn't be best.  The memory is pure enough.}  

During all of this, our house met it's buyer and we opened escrow.  We also found our next house and opened escrow there.  The process of moving had begun.  As I was trying to process our loss, life continued moving forward at a remarkable speed.  One great joy in the midst of sorrow, my brother was married the day after we buried the baby.  It was such a happy day right in the middle of very difficult circumstances.  It's always so surprising to me to see how any given moment carries such pain for one and such joy for another.  The world is full of people in different circumstances all the time.  One life is ending, and another is beginning.  An endless cycle of starts and finishes.  Joy and sorrow.  New and old.  In a whirl and at a standstill.  I feel like I have one foot in each scenario.  Half of me is moving a mile a minute into a new and exciting chapter of life while the other half remains at a standstill, trying to pick up the pieces left behind from heartbreak.  The Lord gave me Isaiah 26:3 to carry me through the chaos.  

And that's what life is so much of the time.  Total chaos.  And here's where the Lord started to speak to my heart.  

Photographers out there... you know all about depth of field and bokeh.  For those who don't though, here's a brief/oversimplified/non technical at all explanation.  Bokeh refers the points of light in the blurring, or out of focus area, in a photo.  It's used artistically in photography and helps to draw the viewers eye to the subject of the photo.  For example:

In the photo above, the eye is immediately drawn to the flowers in the foreground.  The out of focus area in the back makes them stand out against it.  They are sharp and the details become less focused the further away from the subject they are.  

This is how I picture life.  The good.  The bad.  The gnarly and chaotic.  It's blurry and it's messy... and beautiful at the same time.  It's the bokeh of life.  What matters is what is IN focus.  With the focus sharp on the correct subject, the overall image is one of beauty.  That blur serves a purpose!  It is to highlight the subject.  And what is the subject of life?  It is Jesus.  His cross.  His sacrifice and love for us.  His cross is the focus of the image of my life.  And I have a choice.  I can tilt my view and focus on the background and render the cross blurred, or I can steadfastly keep my focus on Him and allow the chaos to draw the viewer directly TO Him.  I want my life to be a beautiful piece of art that draws others into the subject of it.  Jesus.  If you zoom in too closely, and get caught up only in the gritty details of life, it's ugly.  Life is so ugly sometimes.  And hard.  There's light parts and there are dark parts.  Highlights and shadows.  You cannot have contrast without both.  Is your life overexposed?  Underexposed?  Is your subject in focus or is it blurred?  Keep your eyes on Jesus.  He gives the painful parts of life meaning.  He makes it worth something in eternity.  And He is carrying me day by day as I swim around in life's bokeh for now.  Some people are adding highlights to their art.  People are getting married, getting new jobs, having babies, enjoying vacations and celebrating milestones.  Rejoice with those who rejoice!  Others are adding shadows right now.  Financial hardship, loss of relationships, sickness, death.  Weep with those who weep.  And whether you rejoice or weep, know that the purpose in both is to draw nearer to and focus our eyes on Jesus.  He is near to the broken hearted.  He is near to me!  And I know that the same hands that hold my heart are the ones holding my Puffin as well.  So as I walk through transition and excitement, heartbreak and postpartum hormones, I'm keeping my viewfinder focused on the Lord.  He gives beauty for ashes!  He creates art with our blurred circumstances.  A photo with the proper balance of sharp focus and bokeh is beautiful.  But a blurry picture is unpleasant to look at.  I cull them immediately in my work.  May my life be one worth viewing and not one to be culled.  

So in your life.... is the right thing in focus?  Keep your focus steadfast on Jesus and He will keep you in perfect peace.  He promises!  

In peaceful, beautiful, loving memory of "Puffin" who was so perfectly formed by our Heavenly Father.  


Turning Two

Guess who's turning two already!  I can't believe how fast time has flown by with this wee one.  Her favorite movie is Lady and the Tramp, so we're having a spaghetti dinner to celebrate her this month.  Ahhh.  We're so blessed.  Happy Birthday little princess.



I had such fun with this little peach.  She didn't want to sleep, but she was as sweet as can be.  Happy and ALERT the whole time.  :)  She did doze for about ten minutes and I was able to get a few good sleepy pics of her, but we got the privilege of seeing a ton of her beautiful eyes.  

See?  Isn't she just the most precious little doll baby?  Gah!  I love each and every shoot.  Even the ones that challenge me a bit.  Scratch that.  ESPECIALLY the ones that challenge me a bit.  We had to get a little creative.  And it was fun.  

See that binkie there?  Yea.  She loved it.  Everytime I would pull it out to catch a quick shot, she would scruntch up her face as it to say, "hey!  I was peaceful there!".  Haha.  Her mama can always remember her sweet little yellow binkie.

See?  There it is again.  But boy is she lovely.  

Sigh.  :)

So sweet.  

Finally zonked.  

Blessings Ruthie.  It was a pleasure spending the morning with ya.




Dancing in the street...

My Ballerina is growing up.  I've been doing a project where we shoot her doing ballet in places other than the studio to document her process as she gets older.  These are our latest fun little shots.  She's a good sport.  :)

She's growing up waaaaay to fast.  But it's fun to watch.  :)



Snow Day!

We never get snow here in sunny Southern California.
But today, The Lord granted us a rare miracle and dusted our yard with beautiful white powder.  Naturally, we went outside to play.  

Not something you see too often in our area.  
We were blessed.  


And now I'm sure it will melt faster than we can say "Snow Day"