I had such fun with this little peach.  She didn't want to sleep, but she was as sweet as can be.  Happy and ALERT the whole time.  :)  She did doze for about ten minutes and I was able to get a few good sleepy pics of her, but we got the privilege of seeing a ton of her beautiful eyes.  

See?  Isn't she just the most precious little doll baby?  Gah!  I love each and every shoot.  Even the ones that challenge me a bit.  Scratch that.  ESPECIALLY the ones that challenge me a bit.  We had to get a little creative.  And it was fun.  

See that binkie there?  Yea.  She loved it.  Everytime I would pull it out to catch a quick shot, she would scruntch up her face as it to say, "hey!  I was peaceful there!".  Haha.  Her mama can always remember her sweet little yellow binkie.

See?  There it is again.  But boy is she lovely.  

Sigh.  :)

So sweet.  

Finally zonked.  

Blessings Ruthie.  It was a pleasure spending the morning with ya.


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