Causes We Care About

Here are some amazing causes the Lord has placed on our hearts and a little bit about why each one matters to us.


We care about the orphans of the world so very much.  Especially those older, special needs and sibling group children that face greater struggles finding loving homes.  We've been adopted into the family of God through Salvation and are called to care for Widows and Orphans.  We are perusing our own adoption of one such special child and encourage you to open your hearts (if not your homes) to the plight of these precious ones.  To find out what you can do to help, see the Project Hopeful site and our adoption tab on the main blog site.

World Missions:

After spending time in Japan as missionaries, we learned how crucial it is to care for and pray for our missionaries.  Here are some of our dearest friends serving the Lord on the field.  Pray for them with us! Give if you can!  Drop them a line of encouragement!

Made by Survivors:

Human slavery and trafficing are a huge problem today.  These women have been set free from slavery and are trying to make a better life for themselves through skilled trades.  If you're looking for a gift with meaning this Christmas, please shop first with this site:

Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness and support/Preterm Labor:

As a family with two children with Jesus and several friends who also have children with Jesus, we have such a tremendous soft spot in our hearts for people who are dealing with this unique type of grief.  Knowing the pain of loosing a baby during pregnancy has also made us passionate about eliminating abortion.  Every life is unique and special and should be valued as such.

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