Adoption Journey

No longer in progress due to the Russian adoption ban.  Please continue to pray with us as we take time to step back and seek the Lord as to our next step.  

We believe that the Lord created each child special and that He loves them very much.  As an extension of His love for them, we feel called to share our love with a special child.  In scripture, we are told to care for orphans and we have a softness in our hearts for the parent-less kids in the world.  Jesus calls Himself the “Father to the fatherless” and we are imitators of Christ.  We have long wanted to add to our family in this way.  We feel that our clan isn't complete without taking in, loving, and raising a special little one through adoption.

Meet "Ross"

With the Lord's guidance and provision, we hope to bring little Ross into our home in 2013.

We knew we wanted to adopt someday.  We assumed that when we were done having our own kids, we would adopt one or two more.  We feel that in the last few months though, the Lord has been softening our hearts to the idea of adopting out of birth order.  There are so many older kids that need loving homes just as much.  We also have become open to special needs adoptions.  The special boy that has been placed on our hearts has some special needs and we believe that the Lord would have us to open our hearts and our home to him.  He will receive excellent medical, emotional and spiritual care….. three things that would not be possible to him in his home country.  Join with us in prayer that the Lord continues to guide us in this matter and provide for us to follow where He leads.  Right now we are raising funds to complete our homestudy and pay for the initial adoption fees.  We’re hoping that after those things are completed, we will be able to get grants to help with the rest.  We serve a big God and believe he will do mighty things.  He loves these kids even more than we do and I trust Him to provide for them.  Thank you for reading, praying and partnering with us in our journey.

For more information on adopting a special needs child like Ross, check out Project Hopeful!

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