Facebook Fritz

I've decided I'm going to step back from Facebook. I've wanted to give it up for some time now, but I haven't done so because I know there are family members who enjoy keeping up with our family on there.  I've decided to go back to using this blog to keep anyone interested in following along with us updated on the happenings of our lives.
Facebook has become a place where I find myself discouraged after scrolling through the news feed. People aren't neighborly.....  they're argumentative and judgmental. It hurts my heart to see the interactions on there so often. This doesn't seem to happen on Instagram so much. It's probably because Instagram limits the interactions to be about the "real" things people post rather than the abundance of media that gets shared via Facebook. So, in the interest of maintaining mental and spiritual health, I'm going to take a needed break. I want to focus on face to face relationships rather than Facebook facades and endless over sharing. I'll be updating this blog weekly and my Instagram will remain, but my time spent on Facebook will taper off in the next couple weeks. I'm working on a simpler and more minimalistic routine and eliminating things that don't add quality or value to my life are the first things for me to let go of.  Bookmark our little blog here, cuz I still have plenty to offer and share, and I promise to share more of the things that matter, and less of things that don't.

This post stated it well in my opinion.  


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