Crock pot home fragrance.

This has to be the cheapest and best way to get your home smelling delicious.  It's very simple and will last you a couple days each time.  There are several recipes that you can try.  I started with a basic pear cinnamon scent and my home smelled like cider all day.  It's very festive.  Or, if you have company coming quickly, you can try this simple trick.  Take a coffee mug and put 2 cupfuls of vanilla extract in it.  Put it in an oven heated to 300 degrees and within 30 min, your entire house will smell lovely.  Super easy and cheap.  You can get cheap vanilla at the dollar store.  I save my "good" stuff for consumption.  :)

Back to the crock pot:

I took a slightly overripe pear and cut it into round slices.  I put those, about a table spoon of vanilla, a decent amount of ground cinnamon (I'm anxious to try it with cinnamon sticks instead, but this works for now), and a pinch of nutmet and cloves.  The cloves are strong, so you don't need much.  Then I poured in enough water to fill the pot, gave it a stir and put it on high (you want it at a low simmer) and let it be.  Several hours later, Ballerina asked me how long until we could drink the cider.  LOL.  I told her it wasn't for drinking, but for smelling.  Check it out throughout the day and add water as needed.  At the end of the day, switch it to off.  You can put it back on the next morning.  After about two days, the pears loose their yummy smell.  You can do it with apples and oranges as well.  

Here's a link to several other recipies.  

And for keeping a bedroom fresh, check out:

You can make the recipes up yourself, incorporating smells that YOU love.  Let me know if you stumble across anything super great!


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