Late post... Pop up trailer redo

Meet PUP.  Ballerina is in the photo to give ya a sense of size.  You may also spot a pant-less little dude in there too if you look hard enough... LOL.
 PUP was in need of some serious updating.  I wanted to find something cheery, modern, and cozy feeling.  This is in great condition... the canvas and bones are well kept and sturdy.  All I had to do was improve the cosmetic aspects.  

As you can see, the curtains were a drab ivory and the cushions were very dated in the color and diamond pattern they had goin' on.  

This is the bed area.

And here is my after:

I dyed the curtains a pearl grey color, made a new flag valance, covered the old cushions, added sheers to the windows (that were dip dyed with a lemon yellow) and added a couple comfy throw pillows to make the seats cozy.  I also added a table cloth to soften the look and add a grounding color/place for the eyes to rest.

It's such a small space that a tiny little tealight candle is all I need to make it smell lovely in there.  ;)

My husband was amazing and redid the floors for me.  We used peel and stick vinyl that looks like wood.  It's the perfect, inexpensive update.  The whole project was done with just one box of the stuff.  (It pays to live small..... literally)

A little chalkboard paint later and the kids had a fun spot to draw pictures or get creamed by me in tic tac toe.  

All in all, it was a  pretty easy update project.  Eventually, I would like to paint the cabinets, but it will do like this for a while.  

Now we can hit the outdoors in style.  

Next week, we'll be in Yosemite.  It's gonna be fun!

Also, if you're on Instagram or Twitter, hashtag your photos of your kids in the outdoors with #backpacksnotbarbies so we can enjoy our kids enjoying nature together!  

See you on the trails!!!!

^Little Hipster^

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