Campin' again

I love all the places you can see when you have a trailer to pull to them.  It keeps the cost affordable!  We hit the road in our trailer's third voyage... second since it's interior redo.  This time we headed for Mammoth and Yosemite.

Here are some highlights from Mammoth:

All three kids loved the bus ride to the Devil's Postpile/ Rainbow Fall trailhead.

It was the start of a love affair between Hipster and the transit bus.  It became his favorite thing to do during the entire trip!  ;)

They were excited as we started on the trail.

Peach loves the outdoors as well.  This was her second hike... her first in our new Ergo.  Can I just say how much we love Ergo?  This carrier was perfect for hiking.  :)

Love.  Seriously. 

Devil's Postpile

Makes a person feel small!

These little trees were like "Forest Children".

Me and the Parentals

I'll post more later!

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