Pinterest envy

I wish I was able to copy my pinterest ideas perfectly.  I don't typically have major issues... but then this project came along.  I was so excited to try my own version of it with Almond meal rather than Panko.  It was gonna be awesome truly.

I used this:

Things were looking good at this point.

I followed the directions... I froze the cheese first to minimize oozing.  I set my timer so I wouldn't forget them.... 450 degrees for 5-6 min.  I did 5 min.... aaaaannd this is what I got!


Oh bother.

We literally scraped the scraps up with spoons and ate them like that... right off the foil.  They tasted glorious though!  I had added some Italian seasoning to the almond meal for a bit of flavor kick and it was indeed yummy.  

I did a second batch and watched them closely for oozing.  They didn't look much better.  I got a couple good ones.  Here they are.

There they are.  There were four good ones, but my hubs snaked one before I was able to get a shot of them all together.  I was bummed... cuz you know...... Having 4 sticks would have made this plate so much fuller than only having the three you see here.  I blame the whole mess on him.  (>_^)

So... bottom line... make sure you have a super thick layer of "breading" and maybe turn the temp down on the oven.

Or better yet... just fry 'em in good old fashioned LARD!


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Okay, this made me laugh out loud.