Overdue update.

I realized that I've updated facebook, but not you lovelies here yet.  My bedrest has been reduced to "take it easy".  When I went in for my follow up appointment, the doctor informed me that my placenta has resealed itself to the uterus.  I'm praising the Lord for this wonderful news.  So I'll continue to go in about once per month and monitor the situation to make sure that things stay solid in there.  :)  Come on Squishy!  You can do it!  

In other news, I feel like it's time to give ya'll an update on the adoption.  Little Ross is growing bigger and cuter by the day.  Here's where we stand.

My "high risk" pregnancy has taken the opportunity for any travel off the table until after I deliver.  We are still able to work on our homestudy in the mean time, but our dossier papers cannot be submitted until after Squishy debuts.  

This process is more involved, more expensive, and much longer than we ever anticipated.  We need to do several major house projects before we are ready to take in another child.  The biggest thing is the need to add a bedroom in our home.  Right now we have three and my brother living with us.  That leaves us two rooms to fit four children into.  Considering our bedrooms are only 9ft by 10ft, we need more room.  Plain and simple.  So step one is to move Hipster into Ballerina's bedroom so that our room is free for Squishy to sleep in.  Due to the small room size, we'll be getting a bunk for them in there.  Once the bedroom is built, my bro will move into it, and Hipster and Ross will share that bedroom.  Eventually, Ballerina and Squishy will share the other one.  So we have much to pay and pray for.  (not in that order... LOL)

Financially, we're turtles.  It's hard to save when you don't make tons of money and you have house projects that seem to come up all the time.  40000 dollars is a huge, sometimes discouragingly insurmountable goal and we don't have the option of borrowing it.  It must be raised up front (with the exception of any grants or tax credits.)  I know the Lord can provide.  We're going to use the time during my pregnancy to fundraise our bums off though.  I'm making a website that people can order custom baby slings off of and all my sling proceeds go into the adoption fund.  I'll also be doing restaurant nights starting in September.  I also have a very part time job on the computer that I'll hopefully be starting in the near future.  I would like to plan a Christmas dinner and benefit concert, so pray for me to have direction and wisdom in beginning to plan that event.  Each day that goes by is another day my son is waiting for the arms of his mommy and daddy and that weighs heavily on my heart.  

So that's the adoption status.  

In other news, Hipster got his first big boy bike.  He's is now a daredevil.

Ballerina is moving up in the bike world as well.  She was getting too big for her old bike, so she upgraded with her birthday money.  I love it's bright colors.  It matches her personality.  :)

Her old bike will be a good one for Ross to learn on next summer (hopefully).  

Well.. that's about all for now.  I hope you're all blessed... I know we are!


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