First World Problems

Have you seen this website?

Or have you seen this book?

Lately, I feel like I could have penned that book.  My life is good.  I am blessed.  The Lord is doing great things.  So why am I so tense and stressed these days?  I'll tell ya.... it's a million and one LITTLE annoyances.  Our car won't pass smog.  Our washing machine won't stop leaking.  Our dishwasher soap dispenser won't open all the way.  We can't keep the rats of the world from wanting to eat the chicken feed in our garage.  We buy a new harness for the dog and ten min after putting it on her, she chews a hole in it.  I can't get a leg up on this stinkin' cold.  Wendy's gave me tea instead of strawberry lemonade, I can't eat pizza, or donuts, or burritos, or cookies, or anything made with wheat or soy anymore....  All these things are perfect examples of "First World Problems".  Now, society offers me an excuse.... I'm pregnant and hormonal, therefore, it's acceptable for me to be a selfish ugly beast.  Or is it?  I say no!  It's never ok.  Let's not make excuses ok?  I'm being a selfish beast because I'm a wretched sinner.  Jesus suffered and died on a cross so that I don't have to be a slave to my sin anymore.  It is wasteful for me to continue in those ways and allow myself excuses.  So, this is my pledge to enjoy growing a baby rather than acting like one.

Not the end of the world:

I'm choosing to focus on the good.  Who's with me?

And if you need a smile today, here you go.  

Be blessed my friends!

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Mom / Jammy said...

Well, well, well stated. I xo you!