Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.  On this day, Jesus paid the ultimate penalty for our sins.  It is because of that sacrifice that we have hope, joy, and salvation.  I was thinking about His death and Resurrection this morning when I was watering our plants.  Like our seeds, He was buried.  Like our seeds, He rose again out of death.  His body was crushed and broken, like our seeds were.  When the seed goes into the ground, it is broken open and new life springs forth from it.  That seed, like our bodies, is just a temporary shell containing life within it.  

I love how this photo captures the broken seed still attached to the new plant.  You can see, above the soil, how the dead and broken seed has produced new life and is no longer necessary.  I had to pull it off the plant so that the leaf could open and receive the sunlight.  Isn't that what we have to do everyday?  Cast off our old sinful natures and receive the Sonlight!  Turn your eyes back upon Him today.  Thank Him for what He has done for us!  

Become like this:

I hope you all have a very blessed Good Friday and Easter.  I will see ya'll after the holiday.  

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