Bantu knots

This hairstyle is super fun and easy.  Ballerina was loving the curly look the next day.  I actually thought the knots themselves were cute..... LOL.  She wanted me to take them out before church though.  I knotted her hair while it was dry.  If you do this wet, it may not dry in time.  I find that hair that is wound pretty think does not dry in the innermost parts in just one night.  The method for the knots is really simple.  Grab a section of hair and start twisting it till it starts to twist on itself.  Then wrap them up and secure with an elastic.  Easy peasy.  I did them in an alternating pattern.  Next time, I'll not part her hair in the center of her head, it gave an interesting look after that needed to be fixed a bit.  Ballerina's hair went frizzy pretty quick since it was a rainy day.  Also, if you work a bit of styling gel or mouse into the dry hair before knotting it, it will hold better.

Now, this may be the overly anal cosmetologist in me, but as you can see, I rolled the knots in the hairline smaller and the ones in the crown area bigger.  This is because naturally curly hair will have tighter curls in the hairline and I wanted to mimic natural growth patterns.  What can I say..... I like things to be authentic... LOL  (>_<)*\  

That is not necessary to achieve an adorable look.  

Good Morning!!!!!

Curly gal!

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