Ten Days

1~ I like McDonald's french fries.  Dipped in Honey Mustard sause.  Guilty Pleasure.

2~ I sing in the shower.  No.. correction... I PERFORM in the shower.  This sometimes includes dance moves.  

3~  I HATE public restrooms.  I will hold it till I get home.  

4~  I love coloring just as much as my kids do.

5~  I would rather have a nice bike than a nice car.

6~  A HUGE piece of my heart is in Japan.  My son was born there.

7~  I constantly compare myself to others.  I should stop.

8~  This isn't really a secret.. but it's increasingly uncommon these days and I don't take it for granted:  My husband is my best friend.

9~  I love painting.  Not art... walls.  It's kinda like coloring.

10~  I spend too much time on the computer.  With that being said...

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Mom said...

Re: public bathrooms

I heard ya poop in Yosemite!! Haahaha!