So... I was talking to my husband about our eating habits and I realized just how frustrated I am with deciding what is best.  Here's the deal....

I wanna put into my body the best things for it.  The problem is there is SOOOO much conflicting information out there.  Eat whole grains, go grain free, you need fiber, actually you don't, whole cream butter is better, butter spread has less trans fats, meat is good for you, meat is bad for you... here's the latest.... Soy is bad for you????? Since when?  Just when I think I've made a decision on one thing... SOMEONE comes along and tells me it's wrong.  So who has the final say?  Is there a basics guideline that can be trusted?  The food pyramid is inherently evil because it's put out by the government, right??  I just don't know what to believe anymore.  I'ts frustrating.  And I love how both sides claim the other side is just ignorant.  I don't think that's the case, I just think there is so much information out there, and people interpret the info differently.  For every study showing one thing, there is another study proving the opposite claim.  Case in point:  Raw milk?  I would only be willing to drink it if I milked the cow myself.  How else can I be sure it came from a non-BLV virus cow?  If I milk the cow and consume the milk soon after, that's one thing.  But if my milk has to travel to get to me... I prefer the microbes dead.  I dunno..... I'm sure there is information out there to the contrary.  I just wanna do what's best for me and my family.  It's frustrating deciding what that is though.

Oh well.... guess I'll figure it out as I go through trial and error.  I'm gonna go spend some time outside with the kids now.... wait... should they wear sunscreen or not?  LOL

Insight anyone?

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