Room Re-do

Well.... I know I just posted a new shot of our room, but it's been changed again.  My brother is coming to live with us and I needed to clear out J's room for him to use.  Because J is not going to have his own room anymore, I decided a new arrangement in our room was necessary to make for a more comfortable fit (since it will be longer lasting).  I moved the crib into our room and set it up by the bed.  I like it like this because when we have our next kid someday, this arrangement will work great for that baby and at that time, J will likely be much more ready for his own sleep space.  Our room is much longer that it is wide and arranging the furniture this new way made for a much more spacious feel even with the extra stuff in the room.  I put a chair for reading in there as well.  I've always wanted a reading chair in my room.  Dreams do come true.  :)

This is the view from the doorway.  As you can see, C was already using the reading chair.

Standing in the doorway looking the other way.  

Closer look of the sleeping arrangement.  J's mattress is even with ours, so he is easily reached in the night.

View from the bathroom doorway.  See all the floor space?

I think it will work out well for us for a while.

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Mom said...

Looks GREAT Gina! Good job. It looks more spacious than before!