So, I haven't made one of these in a while and I forgot how much I LOVE doing it.  It's such an honor to create something that will be a comfort to someone's precious baby as well as themselves!  J still gets carted around in his.  And he still loves it.  When he gets tired, he brings it to me and says "up".  Sooo cute.  This one was for a friend who is swiftly coming upon her due date.  I hope she loves it, gets tons of use out of it, and tells folks where she got it (^_-)/"  I pleated the shoulder a bit differently this time... with the pleats starting in the center and fanning out in both directions toward the ends.  I think this will make it a tad more comfy and give it a better fit over the shoulder.  

Close up of the shoulder

Better idea of the colors (taken without the flash)

Sadly, my little model was playing in the splash pad (that's not the sad part) and he couldn't model it for me for the picture (that's the sad part).

Well... off to clean my kitchen while my son is sleepin~

My bean in our sling when he was a newbie

Riding along when mommy was in a wedding....

Kickin' it on mommy's back

Strollin' along

Training up the next generation.....

Yea... that's me.  LOL

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read this mommy said...

I am a babywearing addict. And yet this is my first baby that I have used a ring sling (I got it on CL, I am not crafty but I am thrifty!)
I still prefer wrapping but am loving the ring sling for certain situations. What a great gift!