Stash Shots!

So I did a strip of all the diapers and since I had them all out and in one place, I figured I'd snap a few stash shots.  Here is the whole bunch together:

Haaaa!  Doesn't this picture give you a real clear idea of what all I have and use on a daily basis?  Juuuust kidding!

Here is a better shot:

My stash isn't nearly as big as some that I have seen.... but these are just the boy ones... I have many girlie ones saved for when a girl decides to exist.  LOL

So to break it down a bit:

 These are the pocket diapers at the top... I usually stuff them with the embellished gerber prefolds that you see to the right of them in the picture.  Down toward the bottom of the row, where it splits, you see the covers.  These go over the Indian prefolds that are pictured here;

The Indian prefolds are at the top with the orange border.  These are the nice, cushy absorbent prefolds that are my workhorse diaper.  We use these at night, with a doubler (pictured at the far right) and the wool at night.  The colorful diapers in the middle are my All in Ones (or AIO's)  These have the doubler sewn into it and are the easiest/most like disposable diapers that we have.  I use these mostly when J-kun is going to Grandma's house or the church nursery or anywhere else where the convenience is appreciated.  :)

Pictured here are the wipes.  I make wipe solution and put these wet directly into the typical wipe container.  OR I have spray that I throw into the bucket and spray directly on J-kun before wiping.  Depends on my mood which method I choose......

This is that spray.

Here is my wool shortie and a couple of my snappis.  I also use the California Baby diaper cream for rashes since it's safe with the cloth.  

That's about it..... I wash them with this:

THIS is my favorite diaper of them all:

Until next time~

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