Finished Mei Tai!!!!

I am so excited about how well this turned out.  I shed a tear to let it go to my friend.  If I didn't have my heart so set on an Ergo, I would make myself one of these.    It was such a fun project.

 Action shot.....  C-chan likes to take tilted pictures.  Oh well... haha.  You get the idea.
 I attached a button pocket.  It's just big enough for a walet, keys.... stuff like that.  The hood can be tucked into the pocket if one wanted it unfolded for easy access.
Here is the front.  

This pic is a tad blurry, but you can see how it looks when the hood is not in use.  
And this is how it folds up.  I didn't tie it for the picture, but normally it ties on the loop on my shoulder.  This is great as a head support for a sleeping child or a shield from the rain should it start coming down on ya!

All in all... I'm really happy with it.
On to the next project.........


shelbatron said...

Holy cow you made that!? Puts my crocheting to shame!
I am now following you by the way, not in a creepy literal way, just in a creepy blog way :D

Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job Regina! I'm glad I got to see it in person. Keep up the work...you're such a seamstress.

Love you,

Mama H. (Karen)

Claudia said...

Yes...this is the best one so far. You should make yourself one. Do it!!