Feeding the turtles

C-chan is one  brave girl.  Lemme just tell you! She is the turtle feeding, worm holding queen!  I was so proud of her today.  And she got to feed chickens today too.  It was cute.  She wanted to do it "Cinderella style". (Where you hold the bucket and sprinkle the chicken food on the floor in a graceful way....)

The food had to be mixed with veggies and warm water to make it the mushy slop that the turtles find so delectable....

Oopse.... sorry Mr. Turtle.  Didn't mean to pour food on your head!!


Here chick chick chick.....

This lamb had a baaaaad attitude.  She pushed J-kun down!

Brave girl!  This picture was taken just before the worm "tickled" her.  LOL

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