On Saturday, we celebrated my Dad's birthday.  I wanted to make him a cake.  Funny story:  My dad really really likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  There have been many times that upon asking him what he would like me to make him to eat, he has just asked for a Pb and J.  So, for his birthday, I decided to just make him what he likes.

Now.... it looks like a large sandwich, but it's not really.  That would be silly of me to make a big lunch food for his birthday.  It's actually white cake with chocolate frosting and cherry pie filling.  I mixed milk chocolate and pure buttercream frosting to bet a peanut butter-y color.  I had to carve the cake to get it to look like bread, but all in all, it was pretty easy to do.  And it was yummy too!  Happy Birthday Dad!

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