Pretty Princess Hair.

So... tonight I am taking C-chan to a princess party.  She has to look extra special because little girls that dress up, get a free dinner tonight.  She has picked out a great dress to wear, I will post pictures after the party so you can see the full look.

As usual, you will want to start off with wet hair.  Section the hair so that all that is hanging out is about an inch and a half around the entire hairline.  Start your braid on the underside, so you can hide the rubberband later.   For the next step, you will need a needle of some kind.  Many people use the fat plastic ones you can get at walmart, but I use an extension weaving needle.  I prefer the rounded-ness of it.  I looped a bit of thread on the end and slid the ribbon into the loop

Following the braid all the way around, weave the ribbon over, under, and over the pieces that you pulled into the braid.  Do this until you make your way all the way around the head.  I use two pieces so you get a more "headband-ish" look.  You can do as many or as few as you like.

Once you have made your headband, tuck the ends into the braid and you are ready to start the middle.  I loosely curled the entire middle section except a small bit at the top near the braid.

After you have this all curled, start pinning the curls up in random places.  There really is no right or wrong way to do this, just try to keep it balanced.  

Form your poof  by back-combing at the scalp, and then roll downward towards the head from the ends.  Secure with bobby pins.  Place your bow where the roll meets the curls.  

And there you have it.....Pretty Princess Hair.

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