Summer Simplify

I'm gonna be honest.  You haven't seen me on the blog much, and there is a reason for that.  I've been busy.  And lazy.  At the same time.  Here's the truth.  I'm drowning.  Drowning in stuff.  I'm overwhelmed, stressed, unmotivated and disappointed with myself.  My amazing husband works so hard every single day.  And I sit at home and drown in business and stuff.  It's time to do something about it.  My kids spend too much time inside, doing nothing at all.  That needs to change.  They watch too much TV.  That needs to change.  There's always toys everywhere.  That needs to change.  We sleep in too late.  That needs to change.  And it starts with eliminating the unnecessary.  From my life, my schedule and my house.  It starts this Summer.  It's the Summer Simplify.  Anyone care to join me?  Lets do it together.  Lets determine to enjoy more and have less.  It's not what you give your kids, it's the time you give them.  

Step one for us:

Get rid of 90 percent of our clutter.  Starting with toys.  I told my kids they could keep what they could fit on our dining table.  And so it begins.....

On the chopping block this summer:

Extra toys
Junk/fast food
Kitchen stuff
Accessories (hats purses scarves ect)

I'll be listing some of the good stuff in the shop.  You can check out regi-create.com to see what is available for purchase.  Our proceeds from our purge will go toward making our backyard suitable for outdoor play.  

Simplify with me.  

You know you wanna.....


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