I'm not gone... I've just been babymooning with this little bundle of adorableness:

Meet the newest addition to our family who will be known as "Peach".  We're so blessed with her new and precious life with us.  I've been taking some time to just enjoy and get to know her and let her bond with her older sister and brother.  We all just adore her around here.  :)  So now that she is almost a month old, I'll be around a bit more now.  She decided to come a bit earlier than I was expecting, but not too early.... she was a 38 weeker.  She broke her bag of waters with one swift kick and my dreams of birthing in the caul ended with that.  ;)  She arrived a healthy 7 pounds and 3 oz and it's been a joy ever since.  So y'all will be seeing tons more of her as she grows and develops.  For now though, I'm gonna go smell her some more.  Babies smell soooo good don't you agree?  

Other signs there may be a new baby in your home:

Paci in random spots (she has yet to take this though).

Congratulatory cards on the shelf.

Diapers drying in the hall.

Dark tired mommy eyes.  (worth it)

Blessings to you and yours!  
Until next time

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