Happy new year!!!

I know... it's the fourth already, but hey!  Better a couple days late than never right?  How was your Christmas?  How are y'all this blessed new year?  If 2012 was a rough one for you, take heart!  Much can change over the course of a year.  This year will be big for me.... with the new baby and all.  Squishy should be arriving later this month.  Nesting is starting to kick in.  We moved Hipster out of our bedroom and into Ballerina's room in order to free up the sidecar arrangement for Squishy.  It's pretty neat in their room.  Our bedrooms are very small, so we had to get creative with our arrangement.  

Her old bed had built in storage, so we knew we would need to add a dresser for her.  And the books needed a new home.  They're on a bookshelf in the living room now.  

Here's a peek to remind you of how it looked before.

And now:
 We have a Jr loft bed with an Ikea Jr size bed under.  The Jr bed isn't quite the size of a twin, but it's a bit longer than a toddler bed.  So it should last Hipster a while.  
We have the "pixie hollow" leaf hanging over Ballerina's bed.  Her bed is a true twin size.  

We created a reading nook for Hipster for when he wants to sit in his little "cave" and have quiet time.  

 In the narrow nook by the door, we have a bit more storage.  

 Hipster has his own little night stand under there!

 He loves to watch the garbage man go by in the morning.

Climbing monkey sighting!!!

Pardon the unmade beds..... LOL

So, there is still a bit to do... gotta man-ify his nook a bit more to counter balance the flowers on the walls, but we're pretty close in here.  Stay tuned to see Squishy's set up in my room in a future post!  

And if you wanna join me in a "Whole house clean : From now till Spring" I encourage you to check it out here:


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