In whom do you trust?

There is disappointment among the Christians in America today.  And believe me, I get it.  I understand.  I was hoping for change as well.  But today, as I'm reading through the news and facebook posts, I ask myself this question:

Who will save us?

Is it this man?

No?  Ok.  How about this man:

Nope.  Wrong again.  Better, yes.  Perfect, no.

Ok.  How about this man:

Well, he's a Christian right?  That must make him the best, most qualified choice, right?

You know what?  Maybe it's just that they're all men.  I mean, WOMEN are just as emotionally stable and strong as men, right?  Is it a woman that will save us?

The answer to all these is a resounding NO.  

Christians!  Who will save us?  You know the answer.

THIS man.  In fact, He already did.

Here's the bottom line:

Why are we surprised at the way things went?  The laws of physics state that things will go from order to disorder.  We know from scripture that this world isn't going to spontaneously improve.  In fact, it will continue to deteriorate until the Lord's second coming.  There were important biblical issues at stake yesterday.  It makes me sad to see those things continue down the path they are on now.  But the problem isn't with the policy.  It's with the hearts of the people who make, implement, and vote in those policies.  Let us not forget this underlying truth.  The battle will be won in people's hearts, not in Washington.  Would a solid leader who values and looks to scripture help?  Yes.  But all is not lost.  The Lord is shown mighty when set against odds that we deem 'insurmountable'.  

Instead of feeling discouraged, lets focus on turning that into action.  The war is not won by wallowing over lost battles.  Dust yourselves off, feed your soul a hearty meal, regain your composure and step into action.  It's easy to feel helpless and like we want to hide or run from our misfortune.  I myself joked about moving back to Japan.  But I know that more than ever, we are needed here, on our home turf.  The time for not caring about what happens in politics has ended.  We are the Lord's tools to bring comfort and aid to His lost and dying people.  

But HOW can we do that you may ask?  I'm gonna give you a couple practical ways you can help, organized by issue.


My heart aches for the unwanted children that will be conceived and murdered due to this heinous practice.  I find the argument that these kids will be born into unloving and unfit families otherwise to be appalling.  Is the answer to murder them before they are even given a chance at life?  Is one's childhood all that is important in deciding their value?  I know people that have HORRIBLE childhoods that grow up to spark and inspire change.  Our current political atmosphere is not favorable for these unwanted little people who are treasured and valued by our most high God.   I won't sugar coat it.  It is murder and it is wrong.  There is NO good reason for it.  It is not a "woman's right to choose"... it is an abomination.  Since when is murder a right?  

So what can you do?  
Find a crisis pregnancy center and get involved.  Donate.  Volunteer.  Pray.  

Be an advocate for adoption.  Teach your children the value of purity and waiting for marriage for sex.  Come along side post abortion women and offer them the comfort and forgiveness that can only be found in Jesus.  Withhold judgement of the unmarried or young mother.  Pour into and invest in her soul.  The only "safe" sex is married sex.  Teach your daughters to rely on purity rather than dangerous hormonal birth control to prevent pregnancy.  And if she DOES get pregnant, counsel her through it, choosing love and forgiveness over indifference and convenience.  Are you too poor to care for a child?  Choose LIFE.  Choose adoption.  There is no grey area here.  There is no risk to the mother's life that wouldn't make BIRTH a better option.  If there is any way to save the life, it should be chosen.  Fight for that baby's life!  Rape victim?  One evil act will never, I repeat NEVER, heal another evil act.  As Christians, it is our job to care for our hurting world.  Let's stop lamenting that which doesn't help, and start implementing that which does.  :)
Take action to protect the unborn.
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Biblical Marriage

This issue is a sticky one.  As Christians, if we disagree with this lifestyle, we are painted as 'haters' and we are called 'intolerant' or 'closed minded'.   The real question is how we approach this issue.
Sin is sin, and we all do it.  Salvation isn't achieved by dealing with those sins and then coming to Jesus.  It's the other way around.  His Word is living, breathing, and capable of changing hearts.  When you pour scripture into people, it speaks for itself.  Walk in and lobby for what is right, but don't become overly concerned with what isn't.  Who you sleep with, where you steal from, or why you're lying isn't as important to me as where your heart is.  If I can help you see that your heart needs a savior, that savior can address the individual issues in your heart.  Make sense?  My ultimate desire is to see souls won for Jesus.  The condition of them before that doesn't matter to me.  
Do I think marriage should continue to be defined as being between one man and one woman?  Yes.  If you alter the definition of marriage, we're not taking about marriage anymore.  'Marriage' is a very specific sub category of 'relationship.'  Roses and daisies are both flowers, but they are not both roses.  A married couple and a homosexual couple are both couples, but only one is a marriage.  It's a simple, linguistic, truth.  People often compare it to race.... but to me, that would only further this point.  Can an Italian choose to define himself as a Japanese man?  No...  He can share the title of 'human' with everyone else, but he is a sub category of that title.  So if homosexuality is the same in your mind, why is it shocking that there is a different title for it?  Americans are not Mexican and homosexuals are not heterosexual.  Why the outrage over that distinction?  I don't get it.
Does that mean I 'hate' homosexuals?  Certainly not.  It is not my duty to judge one's heart or lifestyle.  It is my calling to point you to the One who loves you so much that He came to die for you.  Your heart is His territory.  I will make choices for my family based on biblical principles, I will raise my children on the Word of God, and I will instill in them a value of the way the Lord set things up, but I'm not going to come into your home and make those decisions for you.
  So as Christians, what can we do?  Pray for people to have soft hearts toward the gospel.  Teach and demonstrate grace, not emphasizing one sin over another.  Be prepared to give a biblical and love soaked answer to those who would genuinely seek after it, and don't chase after those who wouldn't.


Prayer prayer prayer.  Do it often, do it fervently, and do it hopefully.  Keep your eyes to the sky.... The Lord is coming again soon.  
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So my friends, I would encourage you to move quickly past discouragement and into action.  I know we live in dark and discouraging times.  I am very much looking forward to Heaven.  But in the meantime, there is a work to be done.  Revival does not start in the political realm.  It starts person to person.  Yes. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket   But it's not because of our politics.  

Be of good cheer!  The battle is already won and Jesus is still on the throne.  

I leave you with this reminder:

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