My dying garden

So.... my garden is dying.  Bedrest is keeping me from tending to it.  A tree branch fell on my grape trellis, my blueberries are completely dried up, my chickens and ducks are eating any remaining green leaves, it's 110 degrees outside, and I just can't keep up.  My harvest was pathetic.  It was pretty much a huge fail this season.  BUT, I've learned a lot, laid a great foundation, saved my unused seeds, and I'm gonna try again next year.  I'm going to start my seeds right in the ground rather than transplanting, start earlier in the season, and it's gonna be great.  On the bright side, we're getting several eggs a day now and the ducks are about to start laying, so we'll have great eggs in the meantime.  I sure do love those little birds.  I miss spending more time outside with them.  I am really looking forward to the spring when I can take the new baby outside and get my hands back into the ground.  I miss being outside more.  I can't wait to hike, camp, garden, picnic and beach it up again.  I'm looking forward to fall, when I can open the windows and doors and breathe fresh air, and hear the sounds of the outside!  It's August, so I don't have much longer to wait.  Lord grant me patience and eternal perspective for the here and now.  Things may be dry right now, but just like my garden, there is new life on the horizon!  I will keep moving forward, pressing on toward the goal!  What about y'all?  What exciting things are on your horizon?  Tell me so I can be excited for you. 

In the meantime, I think I need to buy this sign. 

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