Another Pamper Pouch

I'm super jazzed to debut here on the blog my niece (who we will call Tiny).  Here she is all snuggled up in a pamper pouch original.  My sister is a star.  Her daughter was born at 34.5 weeks via necessary c section due to vasa previa.  Let me just say, after seeing the difficulties that my sister and I have endured during pregnancy, while I hightly respect anyone who desires a home birth, I would just say that ONE ultrasound before delivery would easily rule out these hidden and life threatening complications before birth.  Had my sister not known about her form of previa ahead of time, Tiny would have been lost within 2-3 min of the onset of labor.  There is no harm in one scan that could save a life.  My sister bravely and joyfully endured 7 weeks in the hospital and Tiny spent nearly 2 weeks in the NICU, but it was all worth it and they are enjoying their babymoon now.  I'm proud.  Here she is, all snuggled next to mommy's heart.  Where she belongs.  :)

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Anonymous said...

AAWW so sweet! Love the pouch, and I had to do the same with my last baby even tho I had planned a home birth... Congrats to your sister, tiny is cute!