We're in the home stretch.... Summer Vacay is almost here.  I'm in serious need of a beach day.  Anyone else?  It's going to be a busy summer for us.  We're going to hit the ground running and start planning some fundraisers for our adoption.  We're going to do several restaurant nights, and I'm praying about putting together a benefit concert/Silent Auction.  Also on the way is the debut of my Adoption Fund Etsy store.  Please pray that we have a productive summer and that we are able to come much closer to our final financial goal.  I get so discouraged sometimes when I think about the HUGE obstacle of cost in our way, but I need to trust that we serve a God who is bigger than the mountain before us.  He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above what we can ask.  So will you join with us in prayer?  Will you daily lift up Ross before the Lord?  We're praying for his physical healing, his emotional preparation for us, and for his heart to stay soft in the often harsh world of an orphanage.  Pray for our homestudy to go well... we have a small home, but big hearts and plenty of love to offer.  Better to have love and family than ones one room, right?  We think so.  Pray that the social workers feel the same way.  :)

In other family news, Ballerina and Hipster have decided on a nickname for Baby #3.

Now, Ballerina is hoping for a girl, but this scene from Finding Nemo is the inspiration behind the name "Squishy"

So, from henceforth, Baby #3 shall be called "Squishy"

The name in and of itself is gender neutral, which will serve us well until he/she is born since we intend to be surprised by this one.  :)

Now I gotta go help Ballerina finish the year strong!

Until next time~

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Kendall said...

I will be praying. :)