Those Kirby folks!

So, I agreed to let the kirby folks demonstrate how well their product works on my dining room.  I vaccuumed with my Shark and then they came and vaccuumed after that with their kirby.  Now, to be fair, the Shark works best when it's been emptied, and mine was super full.  It usually works much better than it did, but the kirby still put it to shame.  Can I afford a Kirby?  Heck no, Joe.  Not right now anyway.  Does it work amazingly and make me want one?  You bet, Chet!  Would I recommend you get one if you are able?  Totally.

Here's some flashback fun for ya'll

Here's my living room after Shark and before Kirby:

  And here is my after.  
 This is what my shark left behind.  Ewwwww....

Get a good close look at what we're all breathing in.  

Isn't that lovely?  Get a Kirby peeps.  Maybe someday I will too.  


Kendall said...

AHHH I want one!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I'll take it!!