Not a baby... just wheat.

People often ask me what happens when I ingest wheat.  Well... let me show you.  Back-story:  I've pulled my kids mostly off gluten.  Now, they don't have documented gluten sensitivities, but I feel like it's best for their health to avoid it.  Because they don't have actual sensitivities, I only have them avoid it though, not completely eliminate it.  What I mean is, I allow the occasional exposure.  Example.  Today I let them split a brownie.  I don't make that stuff, but my brother had some that he made for a bible study and the leftovers were in the house.  I decided to let them have a small treat.  After I served them, I made a boo boo.  Without thinking about it, I licked my fingers clean.  Even then, I didn't think anything of it.  I didn't catch it till much later, when I started to look "puffy".  My stomach swells.  Check it out.  I am not pregnant.  

Yes... that's just from a finger lick.  Imagine how I looked after eating a sandwich before I knew what was up...  It's not super noticeable in the photo, but you can kinda see that the inner corners of my eyes are a bit puffy as well.

Cute right?  Not.  It's super uncomfortable.  So, off to the Benadryl I go.  Sad day.  Oh well.  Could be worse right?  It's not cancer.  

Pray for those people who are dealing with cancer right now while you're thinking about it.  

Did you do it?  Ok, good.  Moving on.  

Moral of the story... Don't let the kids have occasional gluten.  ;)

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