30 before 30 update.

I was realizing the other day, that a few things have recently been able to be crossed off my 30 list.  The Lord has been so good to me.  I want to just take a min to give the glory to Him for these things that He has blessed me with.  Every good and perfect gift comes from above... from the Father of Lights.  So to Him, I am grateful.  Also, my husband.... I'm not "high maintenance" at all, but that man loves to bless me with the things that I want if he is able.  He has known that I wanted a backyard homestead for a while.  I don't nag or demand, but he knew how badly I wanted to grow our own food.  He has really poured time and attention into helping me get it up and going this season.  He allowed our kitchen to be turned into a green house to get our seeds started, he leveled the ground for me, he built my beds and used some of his Home Depot money to get garden necessities.  He got me some chicks last year for Mother's day, built me a chicken coop, and recently bought us a duck.  So, through the provision of Jesus and the passion and dedication of my husband, I'm almost ready to cross off

"Set up my backyard homestead"

I pretty much could now, but I'll wait till the seedlings are in the ground to officially cross it off.

One thing that can be crossed off totally though is:

"Obtain an upright piano"

Again, thanks to the provision of the Lord and the heart of my husband, this was my present for my birthday.

The next thing that is cross off ready, is all because the Lord loves me.  Those that know me in person know my heart for Worship ministry.  The Lord put in my heart a love for music from birth.  I think music is one of the few truly beautiful things that humans are capable of creating.  Now the talent comes from the Lord, but music is one thing that the Lord has allowed us the ability to create for ourselves from scratch.  It's this fact that makes me appreciate worship music so much.  It's an opportunity to create something beautiful and offer it back to the Lord.  He has created such beauty for us to enjoy all around us in nature.  Creating and offering worship music to Him is one small way to say thanks.  When I hear the beauty that is in music here on earth, created by our feeble minds and creativity, I truly get excited to hear what worship in heaven will be like.  Can you imagine what treat our ears are in for?  I can't.  It will be amazing.  So, that being said, I've always had a passion for worship.  I've been part of worship ministry in some way or another for as long as I can remember.  But not lately.  The Lord had me in a season of rest.  And then, He blessed me and opened the doors for me to wade back into worship.  I'm so blessed.

So off the list comes

"Participate in worship ministry again"

Oh yea... and this one:

"Win a contest"

I won a photo contest caption contest.  It was fun.  I was rewarded with a t-shirt.  

It's this shirt.

Also, I won a photo contest.


Also in the works are:

"Make a difference in someone's life"  (our adoption)
"Become comfortable on my guitar" (getting better... but not there yet.)

To see the original list, go here.

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