This week's photo challenge

I like photo challenges.  They're fun.  I get to look at several creative and beautiful shots.  I love photography!  While I don't have the chops to do it professionally (too much pressure for me) I enjoy it as a hobby.  My camera is not fancy, I've never taken a class, I know nothing about lighting or composition, and I'm marginally creative.  That being said, I have a good time with it.  I'm just artsy at heart.  I love creation.  I love to freeze meaningful moments.  A good picture can touch your soul much like music can.  So with that being said, here is my submission for "Shadows"

Our Reflection Photo Challenge


Anonymous said...

What a great photo! Please tell me...where was this taken?!?!?

Regi:Create said...

It was taken in San Clemente, CA. I'm glad you like it. I try to take a yoga pose photo each time I'm somewhere pretty.

Kate @ A Creative Cookie said...

I love the sky in this photo. Great job!