Living Desert

Yesterday, our family was blessed to be taken to the Living Desert.  It's such a neat place... very much like the Wild Animal Park.  They're in the business of rehabilitating injured animals and giving them a home if they are not re-releasable into the wild.  We saw some great animals yesterday.  Both Ballerina and Hipster had a great time.

This is us before the Animal Show.  It was pretty neat to see some of the animals so close.  

Here are some other shots from the day.

The day tuckered us all out... but this one just couldn't make it home.  Sweetie pie.  

Thank you to our family for a lovely day.

For more about the Living Desert, go here.


Anonymous said...

Lovely album and video! You really captured the enjoyable day. My grand kids are adorable! :-)

Anonymous said...
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