Easter fun

Our Easter surprise for the kids (that we've been planning for a long time.  We're already backyard chicken owners, so this was not an Easter impulse buy that we're not prepared for).  

Meet Kandee the Khaki Campbell duckling.

  I determined her to be female myself... seems sexing ducklings is my new trick.  Here's to hoping I did it right.  (I'm pretty sure I did.)  We should get over 300 eggs a year from this gal later in her life.  She will be very happy in our garden pond that we're making her.  And she will have plenty of bugs and such to eat in the garden.  We're very excited to have her as an addition to our backyard flock.  As you can see, she is very friendly.  Ducks are more affectionate than chickens.  We are building her a house for when she is big enough to go outside.  Her house will go inside the chicken run and we'll close her in with the hens at night. During the day though... they have the run of the entire yard.  I'm really liking how it's shaping up out there. My hubs tilled the yard by hand with a pick.  He's a rock star.  We're using raised beds, but we had to loosen the dirt so that we could level and grade the ground before we put the beds in.  Here's how it looked all churned up before we graded and smoothed it down.  

So we're ready now to put the beds down, fill them "Back to Eden" style, and transplant the seedlings.  Then we'll build our pea tee pee and put the pond in for Kandee.  We're building our own pond out of an old fountain, so be on the lookout for that DIY.   

Here's Kandee again.

When she is full grown, she'll look like this:

Until next time~

><> Regi <><

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