Wedding hair and make-up

I've had two amazing opportunities lately to do hair and makeup for weddings.  I gotta say... I LOVE doing it.  There is something so special and personal about being the one that creates the look the groom sees on his bride.  I consider it an enormous honor to be chosen to have such an intimate part in the wedding.  A bride will always remember how she felt and how she looked on her most important of days.  A few rules I follow when creating a bridal look.....

Keep it venue appropriate.

Is the wedding inside?  Outside?  What's the lighting like?  What time of day is it?  Is it daytime casual or evening elegant?  These things are important in deciding on a bridal look.  If the wedding is outside and midday, you don't want as much drama as the evening wedding in a grand chapel.  Follow me?  

Keep it true to the bride's personality.

Do you have a bride that typically has more dirt on her face than makeup?  Is she outdoorsy and natural on a typical day?  The last thing you want is for your groom to not recognize you.  Wow him... yes.  Shock him with how different you look?  Not so much.  Are you the self proclaimed spokeswoman for MAC cosmetics on a typical day?  A bit more drama is more your style then.  Bottom line... a bride should look like the best version of herself, not a totally new version.

Keep it timeless and classic.

How many people do you know who have wedding photos that are soooo easy to date because of the crazy and outlandish styles of that time?  So many!  Your photos should be beautiful and timeless so that when you look back on them 80 years from now, you aren't doubled over in laughter.  

These are looks that I can't recommend for your wedding day.  

Look to your dress for inspiration.

Is the dress simple?  Frilly?  Strapless?  Keep these things in mind when creating your look.  If you have a dress that looks like this:

 you may not want to go with a super "natural" and "fresh" face.  This look allows for a bit more drama.  Keep balance in mind.  If your dress is huge, you better have some volume in your hair girl!  Can you guess how your face should look if your dress looks like this?

Hint:  Probably not like this:

The Groom's opinion matters.

Does he prefer you to be glam?  Or does he like a more natural look?  Find out!
You want his face to look like this:

Not like this:

Got all that?  

I also think it's important for the stylist to be on hand for the entire wedding and reception.  The bride shouldn't be left to do her own touch-ups and if the curls fall or adjustments need to be made, the stylist should be there to deal with things like that.  It's a whole day commitment, not a morning appointment.  

So in conclusion, I'm sooo grateful to have been given the opportunity to work a bit in this arena.  I was blessed to be a part of these weddings.

I love what I do.


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