Learning to ride my bike... A guest post by Ballerina.

Hi! I'm The Ballerina. On New Year's day, I learned how to ride my bike. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! First,   I just tried to cruise using my feet. And that is just what happened. I cruised. Then Daddy told me to cruise then put my feet on the pedals.
I tried that. As far as I went, I only got one foot on. So Daddy held on to me and ran after me until he couldn't keep up anymore. He let go and...  MY FIRST ZOOM WITH THE PEDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did the same thing and chased Daddy in cruise mode. I did one lap like that, then the next alone. When we got home, I showed mommy what I learned, and called it a day. A great day.

(Note:  This was posted free of any edits.  It's just as it was written by the Ballerina.)


Anonymous said...

Great job Claire! I love you! G-Ma

Jammy said...

ahhhhh! Finally. Great job dollyface!