POM juice... trickier than expected.

I juiced a pomegranate today.  It was tricky.  First, I seeded it using this method.

The next step was the tricky one.  Here's a close up of the seeds themselves.

As you can see, inside each one is a white 'pit'.  These are awfully bitter.  You can't just blend the whole seed or your juice will be excessively bitter.  I put them in my bullet one tablespoon at a time and gave them a couple pulses.  This was just enough to get the juice out without cutting into that pit.  Next, I placed a strainer over a jar and strained the juice out, giving the seeds a gentle pressing with the back of a spoon.  This got the last of the juice out and the strainer caught all the pits and pulp pieces.  I did this to all the seeds and it yielded about one cup of juice.  Then I took a couple blueberries and threw them in and ran THAT in the bullet.  The result was some fresh, yummy juice.  Now I'm off to make a smoothie with some of it.  I think I'll use the leftover guts to make some pomegranate bath salt.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

Until next time~


Mom said...

Interesting. Did you think that the juice I gave you the other day tasted bitter? I did not think so and I just did a major blending of seeds and all....and then strained it off.

I like the idea of using the pom leftovers for a scrub of some sort. Felt like a waste just throwing them away.

momto8 said...

Pommagrats are one of my kids favorites! But expensive! I have been adding them to my salads lately and they add color and tartness..yummy. We tried the POM juice from Costco and the kids all gave it a thumbs up. I am a new follow from MBC