Newest sling

I've been on a bit of a sling making roll.... I'm working on a mei tai as well.  It's super fun.  Especially since I just fixed up my craft area.

I really need a cool lamp shade.  

Anyway... this is my latest.

I decided to model it with a smaller baby... just for fun.  When J saw me holding the baby, he said, "baby num nums mama."  I asked him if I should give the baby num nums and he yelled "yes!"  See?  Even he knows how good it is for babies.  :)

In other news.... I finally put my mom's old door to good use.

It will be fun to collect Christmas cards on it.  That wall is where I plan to do this:

From Young House Love

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Mom said...

My mom's door....that sounds so funny to me. Great idea though! Sling looks really nice. I'm glad you used the rings you did. As usual, great jorb, love.