Homeschool Day

Yesterday we went to homeschool day at the aquarium.  C had a notebook with all kinds of pages for her to fill out and we did a self led field trip.  It was really fun.  I busted out my stroller and we used it for J.  He was much happier running around than in it though.  I had forgotten how it's kinda nice to have a stroller once in a while though.  Place to stick my stuff, place for him to lay and nap without me having to keep still and calm, and the option to share the pushing duty.

When we got there, they had classrooms that Josh took C to explore in.  There were special activities and such for the students.  J and I hung out and looked at the fish in the giant tank.  I think he may have said "fishies" about 5000000000 times throughout the day.
While back in the classroom, C was able to hold some of the animals.  I remember having people come to my school and set up tide pools that we could touch the animals in, so I was glad for her to have a similar experience.

After that, I was hungry, so we went outside and ate lunch.  There is a nice fountain out there, so the kids were visually entertained while we ate.
After that, we just went through the aquarium filling out C's scavenger hunt worksheets.  It was a really fun day...especially because Josh was able to take off work and come with us.  The kids love having their daddy around, and so do I.

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