Fun dance hair.

So, by now we're kinda bored with the usual dance bun.  We decided to try and doll it up a bit.  What better way to doll up some hair than with cute yarn?

 Here's the step by step:

You will need
Step 1
Separate the top portion at the ear level and make four small ponytails.  Dont' tighten them all the way just yet.
Step 2
Split the top portion of the ponytail, making a "tunnel" for the yarn.
Step 3
Slip the yarn through the loops and tighten the ponytails now.

Step 4
Braid each piece using the 2 yarn pieces and the 1 ponytail to make your three parts.  You can do your own versions here if you prefer, a twist braid, a 5 strand... whatever you fancy.
Step 5
Release the top portion and bring all hair into a ponytail.

Step 6
Attach the bun mold. For more info on how to put in the bun mold, go here.
Step 7
Spread the hair around the mold leaving out the braided/yarn pieces.  If you did more than four, you could mix them all in.  Since I only did the four, I chose to place them more carefully.
Step 8
Pin them where you want 'em.  I then twisted the extra hair and wound it around the bun for a clean look.  Tada.  All done.

Use ribbon instead of yarn.
Make more braids
Do twist braids or 5 strand braids
Use clip in color hair extensions
Use your imagination and let me know if you try this one.

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