Ten Days

I don't like dwelling on them, so it will be short and sweet.  My top 8 fears are:

~Something tragic happening to one of my kids. (or my husband, or anyone else in my family for that matter)
~Something happening to me that leaves my family without a wife/mom.
~Thugs/burglars/muggers/anyone that would do me harm.....
~That my kids will rebel in their youth and cause relational strife
~That certain people in my life will pass away without personally knowing Jesus
~Small spaces..... 
~Supernatural entities
~Being lost/helpless

Those are my fears... well some of them.  I try to focus on the fact that the Lord is in control, and He is trustworthy.  I know if I'm ever faced with any of these fears becoming a reality, that He will carry me through.  That being said... "Lord.. please continue to protect me and my family and all the people that I love!"

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