Party favors

My little gal had her birthday party on Friday and we are on a tight budget.  This means we didn't have money for buying goodie bags or party favors.  And honestly, the stuff in goodie bags is either sugary or cheap anyway.  Sooo... my budding crafter decided she wanted to make something for her pals.  She decided to make cookbooks with her favorite snack foods instead.  We printed out several recipes that she enjoys, found a great photo for the front and printed and assembled them before everyone got here.  It turned out to be a hit!  So fun.
She had a camp in.... tent in the living room, camping themed movie (The Parent Trap) and smores on the patio with the fire pit (that I still need to return to my mom..... ;)
We made our own pizza for dinner.. super fun!  I let them put on their toppings and we baked it fresh for them.  Mega props to my wonderful hubby who took over leading the little girl party when I was down with an unexpected migraine.  I was back on my feet in time for smores though.  We had a great time celebrating my little girl gettin' older.  Here's a few shots of the day.

She's saving up for a nook..... maybe I should let her sell her cookbooks for a couple dollars each.... ha!

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