Yosemite Series Part 1

Day One~

Just a little background.....
We spent the entire week leading up to the trip frantically trying to find a house sitter for while we were gone.  We had found someone originally, but when I couldn't reach her to go over details, I started worrying that I wouldn't be able to work it out before leaving.  So the hunt for a replacement started.  The first person we asked said yes real quick, but later discovered she was unable to do it.  Back to square one.  We were asking everyone we could think of that would enjoy having a whole house and some personal space for a week.  Our budget was pretty tight, so we were hoping to find someone that would do it *mostly* for the fun of it.  In the end (2 days before leaving) we found someone.  It cost a tad more than we had hoped, but the Lord provided for us and for her through us.  It worked out well.  So with our pets and house in good hands, we set off bright and early (early enough that it wasn't actually bright....) on Friday morning.

We all met up at Josh's grandparent's house.  After unloading some of our stuff in their truck and adding a passenger to our car (his mom) we finally set off.

We arrived at our motel at about 3:30.  It was in Oakhurst, so we were still a ways out of the park.  The Best Western that we stayed in was actually really nice.  It had a mountain log cabin feel to it.  On that first day, Josh was dyin' to get into Yosemite, but some of the other travelers were a tad weary from all the driving.  So, we split up.  Half went to visit nearby Bass Lake, while the rest of us went to explore Yosemite Valley.

Once we had driven into Yosemite National Park, we decided first to check out Bridalveil Falls.  C kept calling it BridalShower Falls.  She argues that it makes more sense that way anyway.  Soooo for the remainder of the trip, it was known by us as BridalShower Falls.  
Before you get to the falls though, there's this great tunnel that you drive through and when you pop out... There is a GREAT viewing spot where you can see the entire valley.

The group

Great View!

Trying to drink fully in the experience.

After stopping at the lookout spot, we were off to the falls.

Gettin' J ready

Walking to the base of the falls

Bridal Shower Falls!

Creek at the bottom

Geting pelted with mist.

After that, we decided to head back and eat dinner, pack lunches for the next day, and discuss logistics of who would be hiking what.  Stay tuned folks, Day 2 is a-comin'.  It won't dissapoint, Day 2 was Half Dome Day!!!!



hapybrian said...

Woo!! Day 2 is the super adventure.. Nice entry for day 1 :)

Michelle said...

We love Yosemite and Bass Lake - gorgeous scenery (and it's practically in our own back yard)! I'm sure you were loving it.

Peace. ;)