Birthday fun

So..... for my birthday, all I wanted to do was a coastal bike ride.  I found a GREAT bike rental place that rented bikes for a grand total of 10 dollars for the ENTIRE DAY!  It was awesome.  They have wonderful beach cruisers and they even had a trailer for the little man as well as a tag along bike for my not-so-comfortable-on-her-bike-yet daughter.

See?  Her bike part just attached to the back of mine.  I realized about half way through my ride that I had mistakenly rented a youth size bike.  I swapped out out for a "big girl" bike and I was much more comfortable.  This contraption is actually quite wobbly, so we had to be careful.  (Not wobbly enough for her to fall off... just wobbly enough for me to have to be careful steering so as not to crash into trees, cars, street signs, other people...ect.)

This is our whole family.  The little man is sitting in the trailer.  He loved it so much!  I thought for sure he would hate it..... but I was (happily) wrong.

See?  All smiles.

So we cruised around Newport for the better part of the afternoon.  We stopped for a bit at the wedge and let the kids run around and play on the beach.  My super social daughter quickly (literally within about 20 seconds of arriving) made friends with a girl about her age that was playing in the sand near us.  My son HATES the feeling of the sand on his feet.   He always has.  Here is a picture from last summer that captures his face upon feeling sand between his toes:

Ahhhhh.... misery.

So it was a super fun day.  The weather was perfect, the company was perfect, and the view was perfect.  Josh and I decided that for our anniversary, we want to go down to the beach in the AM, rent bikes, and cruise/hang at the beach for an entire day... just him and me.  We're low key kind-a people.  

As usual, the boy needed his snack...
What can I say... he gets what he wants.  LOL
Everyone else had chips and juice.  

 Here is me and my moms.  Love em!

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