I know I've been a bit behind on the blogging this past week.  It's been super busy, but not with anything interesting.  My little man has been sick with croup, so we haven't been sleeping too well.  Literally happened today:  I made the bed with freshly washed brand new sheets and then he threw up all over them and me while we were having evening snuggles.  Now I have to wait till they re-wash before I can go to bed.  I have the humidifier in his room since he starts the night there, but halfway through, he moves to my bed anyway.  I'm just praying he kicks this thing for good soon, or this will be me:

  A little trick.... Instead of putting vapor rub on  your child's chest (where it can be overpoweringly strong and possibly get on their hands and into their eyes when they're real little) rub it on the bottoms of their feet and put socks on them.  It sooths coughs almost instantly.

The HOME maker challenge is going well, I will post a detailed update soon.  One thing though.... I'm noticing that some of the tasks are a bit hard for me to do... like steam clean my carpets... I don't own a steam cleaner.  I'm modifying a bit to make it doable for me.  I vacuumed all the carpets instead.  Also, because the challenges are deeper cleaning items (like washing windows or polishing furniture) I'm having to give priority to my everyday tasks.  (Like laundry and dishes).  It's been hard to balance it all with a very needy, clingy toddler who is also the cause of sleepless nights induced fatigue.  Right now, I'm happy if I'm wearing clean clothes and eating off of clean plates.  LOL :)

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

In other news:  Praise the Lord... my request to be excused from jury service was approved.  Seriously... who is going to take care of my home schooled girl and my still nursing 2 year old if I get on a trial?  I'm glad they were understanding.  Phew!!

Well.... I'm going to take advantage of both of my kids sleeping and try to take a shower.  Here's to hopin' J stays asleep long enough for me to rinse shampoo out of my hair.  I'm totally considering going poo free.... just so I can shower faster.  Oh wait... I gotta do this first:

I'm going to go re read my post about the 50's housewife to gain some perspective.  Good night ya'll!

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Mom said...

I just wanted you toknow that I very much enjoy reading your blog.