ohhhh so nice!!!!

Ok.. just a tip for all of you out there in internet-land!  Borax is an amazing all around cleaner.  It is awesome for laundry, kitchen, floors, bathrooms... everything!!!!!  I just did my kitchen counters and they look better than when I use Clorox.  Seriously.  I'm gonna do my tubs with it next.  Also, speaking of tubs, my husband is a super hero.  Remember my broken tub faucet?  Well... he fixed it for me.  It was funny.... it took 3 trips to Home Depot to get it done.  First trip, he got the wrong faucet.  (no fault of his).  Second trip... right faucet, but the set was missing the hardware.  (no fault of his again).  Third time was the charm though.  Check it out!

As you can see... the old one was pretty yucky.  We're glad to have the new one.  It was only a 20 dollar fix.  Horray!

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