HOMEmakers challenge progress

I know tomorrow is the official post day, but I wanted to give a quick update on my progress.  I'm on day four... I started Monday, and I'ts been really good for me.  I'll admit.. I got behind on day two because I was planning to do my Martha challenge in the evening, but a migraine killed that idea.  So I had to do it the following day.  So far, I've created a mission statement for my home, figured out how to give life to my home, identified what things I can do to demonstrate love to my family in my care of our home, and tried to create an atmosphere where one could "put their feet up"

Hidden next to the fridge.... 

Also, my fridge is clean inside and out, my cabinets are clean inside and out, and I cleaned my oven and microwave.

Tip that I learned......

Slice a lemon and put the slices into a bowl of hot water like this

Now microwave that for 2-3 min.  The steam loosens any food particles and it will wipe clean super easily.


K... so obviously I'm kidding on the before shot... but - while not quite that bad -  it was pretty dirty in there.

There were some great tips on how to give your home "life"... I won't share them all (go buy the book... really... it's only a few dollars here ), but this was my favorite:

"Offer life-giving and grace-filled words to husband and children"

So make sure to check back tomorrow for my official report on the week.  I'm having a blast!  Join me!

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

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