Happy Birthday Mom!

We celebrated my mom's birthday today.  She is a perfume lover for sure... so I decided to try to make her some myself.  Imagine the smell of Autumn air freshener.  There you have it.  That's what it smells like.  She can wear it starting in September and she'll be fine.  hahahaha! I used sweet almond oil as a carrier, some clove bud oil, orange oil and a tiny hint of vanilla.  Very warm.  Next time, I wanna try something a bit more.... floral-ly.  I had this GREAT bottle to put it in... it may even be worth $$.  I used a bit of cork wrapped in linen to make a stopper/dabber for the top.  At least it looked cool...

Happy Birthday Mom!  Love you!

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Mom said...

Awwww....I love YOU and I love it! If the bottle is worth anything, you know I'll share! I like the scent. We need to name it. X O!!